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Round One

Share your approach, its impact, and potential for scale.

Welcome to the 2018 Roddenberry Prize application! We are excited to learn more about your work, its impact, and your vision for how you plan to scale. This year’s prize is focused on:
(1) Food preparation, consumption, and waste; and (2) Education and rights of women and girls. Additional information can be found in our About section.

Applying for the Prize is a two-step process (view timeline): After submitting your own first-round application, you will be asked to score and comment on at least five other applications through our Peer-to-Peer Review process. This gives everyone who applies the opportunity to get feedback while learning more about other efforts. After peer review, all scores will be normalized and up to 50 top scoring applications will be invited to submit a second-round application due in early September 2018.

Please take time to read all application requirements (including the second-round questions) before starting your submission. We also encourage you to review the Rules, the Review Process, and the Scoring Rubric before you begin. Applications must be submitted in English. Portions of your application may be published on this website (such as Organization Name, Proposal Title, and Vision).

Before submitting, be sure to review your application and confirm your changes have been saved. When you have completed all of the required questions, a message will be displayed on the screen. At that point, you can submit your final application.

Once you have submitted the application, you will no longer be able to make changes. Applications are due no later than Thursday, July 26, 2018 at 5:00 PM Pacific.

All fields are required unless indicated otherwise. 

A. Your Organization/Company/Coalition

The following information is required to capture a basic understanding of the structure of your organization. If applying as a coalition/team, please provide information specifically for the principal organization responsible for receiving and taking accountability for any grant funds from The Roddenberry Foundation. 

Year Founded

Organization Budget

Provide your organization’s total annual operating budget by selecting from the options below.

Number of States/Countries Served

Please select the number of states and/or countries your organization serves (choose only one).

Geographic Regions Served

Please select the geographic region(s) your organization serves (you can choose more than one). 

B. Your Approach

Please provide information and details about your method and approach. As you answer the following questions, be sure to emphasize how your approach aligns with the four traits used to assess all applications (see Trait Scoring Rubric).

Proposal Title (5 words)

Statement of Purpose (250 words)

We want to understand the purpose of your work, the issue you’re tackling, and the communities you’re serving through your work. What is the problem you are solving for and how is your work addressing it?

Strategy (250 words)

Describe your work and include details on your approach, activities (programs or services), and core organizational goals.

Impact (250 words)

What results has your work produced to date? Share internal or external evidence or data that demonstrates the transformational impact the approach has on your target community or geographic region.

C. Looking Ahead

Here is your opportunity to demonstrate your organizational capacity to scale your efforts, as well as to outline your plans to engage others and broaden your work.

Primary Strategy to Scale

Please identify a primary strategy for scaling your work (please select one): 

Secondary Strategy to Scale (Optional)

If applicable, please identify a secondary strategy (please select one):

Existing Capacity to Scale (200 words)

Please describe the ways you are positioned to expand your work based on the strategies identified above. What existing partnerships, past efforts, or impact to date will ensure positive outcomes as you scale? Provide any data to support your answer. 

Framing (200 words)

The link to climate change and your work (i.e. education and rights of women and girls, reducing food waste, or encouraging plant-rich diets) is not well-understood by the public. How do you describe your work in terms of climate change? What is the most obvious and important connection between your work and the issue of climate change?

D. Additional Information to be Provided

Once Peer-to-Peer Review of the Round One applications is complete, the resulting rank order will provide The Roddenberry Foundation with the top scoring applications in each category. This resulting rank order will help inform the selection of applicants invited to submit a Round Two application, with consideration given to factors that may include, but are not limited to: geographic distribution, issue area, or organizational capacity. Of these top scoring applications, up to 25 applications in each of the two (2) categories will be invited to submit a Round Two application, for a total of up to 50 Semifinalists. Please refer to the Rules and the Timeline for more information.