Learn more about how your application will be scored.

Peer-to-Peer Review Evaluation Panel


Peer-to-Peer Review is designed to support you and your organization’s efforts as well as strengthen the broader community. This is done via personalized feedback on your application from peers who may share a similar commitment to this work. After all first-round applications have been submitted and validated, each organization will receive instructions to score approximately five other applications within their chosen category: (1) Food preparation, consumption, and waste; or (2) Education and rights of women and girls.

Those with valid applications will have two weeks in early August 2018 to complete their Peer-to-Peer Review using four criteria included in the scoring rubric. We suggest allocating approximately 3-4 hours to complete the review (30-45 minutes per application). Please note that participation in Peer-to-Peer Review is required in order to remain eligible for the Prize.

Once Peer-to-Peer Review is complete, scores will then be calculated using an algorithm that ensures a level playing field for everyone. The Peer-to-Peer Review will result in a rank order that The Roddenberry Foundation will use — with consideration given to factors including, but not limited to: geographic distribution, organizational size, and issue area. Up to 50 applicants will be invited to submit a Round Two application. Round Two applications will be evaluated using the same scoring rubric, with up to 30 applications identified as Finalists and scored by the Evaluation Panel judges.

The Roddenberry Prize judges are renowned thought leaders, social entrepreneurs, bridge builders, and experts in their field. They have driven change in meaningful ways and have demonstrated deep knowledge and insight in our two Prize issue areas: (1) Food preparation, consumption, and waste; and (2) Education and rights of women and girls. We are honored to have such an esteemed panel of judges to help with the selection of this year’s Prize. 

Second-round Finalist applications will receive scores and comments from the judges using the scoring rubric. Informed by these results (with consideration given to factors including, but not limited to: geographic distribution, capacity, and issue area), up to four Awardees will be named by The Roddenberry Foundation (determination of Awardees rests solely with The Roddenberry Foundation).